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Interview with Fleecy Moss, CTO at Amiga Inc

Author: Vidar Langberget.
Posted : 2002-05-03 00:00:00.0
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If you haven't followed the Amiga since the Commodore days, I suggest you read this article I wrote a year ago which is a short summary of the Amiga happenings after Commodore. I also interviewed Fleecy a bit over a year ago as well. Read that interview here. This interview was conducted before Amiga renamed the Amiga DE to Amiga Anywhere.

For more information about Amiga and their AmigaDE and AmigaOS products, take a look at their website.

1) It's been a over a year since I interviewed you. Are you happy with what Amiga have done in the last year? To me it seems like progress has been a bit slow..

Amiga is a business, and in that it obeys the same equation as everyone else. Resources are used to make product which hopefully brings in more resources. The last year has been one of the most difficult on record for business, with investment at something like a 30 year low and bankruptcies at a 20 year or so high. Amiga has never been overburdened with cash, and as the markets and customers have scaled their plans back and/or postponed products, then we have had to scale our plans back accordingly. I wish it wasn't the case but wishing is for children and romantics, and when you have to sit across from a bank manager you know you aren't in the presence
of either.

However, that is not to say that we haven't moved forwards. Amiga has
actually done very well when set against what has been happening. As an example, of the 20 or so companies that were in the same business park as us 12 months ago, only 3 are left. We have survived, and that is a testament not to great products or visions but to the people who have stayed the course and made their own personal sacrifices because of their belief in what we are doing. All the rumour mongers and doom sayers and general malcontents can say what they like, because loud voices always travel the furthest irrespective of whether they carry the truth or not but that ignores the very great burden that many people have borne over the past years to keep this whole thing alive. If the history is ever told, then it will be them who have kept the spirit of the Amiga alive, but those histories rarely come to the surface.

The good news is that all those months of phone calls, presentations,
meetings and banging on doors have paid off. Companies are taking down the shutters and looking out again. Investors are tripping over themselves to talk to us. People who count, people who have influence, people who have resources are finally getting the message of the AmigaDE - a total content solution. Even more importantly, the Amiga team is starting to grow again, and with people that have some pretty amazing track records in making things happen and in getting the job done.

So yes, it has been slow, and I'm not going to pretend it's going to get a lot faster now. However those who have signed Software Distribution Agreements (SDAs) with Amiga know what is happening. Those who have invested their time and belief in us are already using the growing volume of AmigaDE technology and their excitement reassures us that what we are doing is right. Over the next few months we *hope* to publicly announce many pieces of good news but again, if the last 12 months have taught us anything, then it is that nothing is ever certain.

2) A couple of months ago it was announced that Amiga OS4 and the Amiga One would not be released on the 1st of November as promised, and that it has been delayed until this year. While most people seem to have understood the reason for the delay, many people were let down by the fact that development had been on hold since May, and that Amiga had given the impression that OS4 and the Amiga One was more or less on schedule. Any comments?

We were all disappointed. We kept hoping that things would get better. As a company we can't wear our hearts on our sleeves. This has been an absolute dog of a year and our choice was to say nothing or to give the community access to the at least weekly if not sometimes daily rollercoaster ride of good news, bad news, promises made, promises never fulfilled. In conjunction with Eyetech, we made a press release explaining that, and there isn't much more to add. We
are committed to the future of the AmigaOS and when a product is ready, it will be released.

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