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Interview with Fleecy Moss, CTO at Amiga Inc

Author: Vidar Langberget.
Posted : 2002-05-03 00:00:00.0
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Documentation, Financing, Legal status

13) One thing that I miss for the DE is proper documentation, like books and online tutorials etc. Are there any plans to improve this?

Of course. The priority has been to use resources to create the tools and services. As they are maturing, we can now start writing documentation, and decent documents that allow for both development and wider understanding, not just method descriptions and signatures.

14) Now that the OS4 contract has been signed, how do you intend to spend your time? Mostly on the DE, or will OS5 have priority? Or will they use much of the same technology?


15) There have been raised some questions regarding the legality of MorphOS. Are Amiga considering a lawsuit against bPlan?

If anyone violates Amiga IP or has used Amiga source without a licence then they are breaking the law and will be dealt with accordingly.

16) While the AmigaOne and similar machines are nice for the current Amiga market, it seems unlikely that the Amiga market will grow much because of these machines. How do Amiga intend to grow the AmigaOS userbase?

By providing a compelling product, which means features, ease of use, price and fun factor.

17) Bill McEwen said in a mini-interview with me a couple of months ago that Amiga had more money then than they had 6 months ago, and that more money would be coming Amiga's way in the end of the month (October)? Did this deal go through? Do you have sufficient funding to complete your plans?

Bill handles the money so you'll have to ask him.

18) I'm currently doing an Msc in Distributed and Multimedia Information Systems. We are currently looking at different software development processes like Rational Unified Process,
Merise and SSADM.
What kind of development process/methodology are you using at Amiga?

An in house one that gets the job done without getting in the way, something called the Amiga Development Pipeline which places equal emphasis on all stages but which heavily separates stages, preventing contamination. For instance, people often claim to creating a requirements document when they have already thought of a product and how they are going to implement it. There is none of that. Clear delineation, peer review, stage sign off, and using good people.

19) AFAIK, you have been in the UK for a while now, because of some visa problems. When, if at all, are you going back to the US? Is it hard to be so far away from the developers at Amiga?

I am writing this to you on an Airplane somewhere over Iowa after having spent a week in California and Snoqualmie. It is hard sometimes but then over half of our developers are remote anyway.

20) There was some talk about Safe-C a while ago. Can you tell us more about it? When will it be released?

It is a safe c like language that alleviates protection and stability
issues. Java is a safe language, just not a very well implemented one. As for release dates, you'll know when it is finished.

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