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Fortron Source FSP350-PN(PF) power supply review

Author: Vidar Langberget.
Posted : 2004-03-03 12:27:58.0
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This power supply also exists in a version without PFC, which has the following model number: FSP350-PN. That unit is not sold in Europe, as the EU requires PFC in power supplies. Theres also one other difference between the two versions. The non-PFC version has a sleeve-bearing fan compared to the ball-bearing fan in the PFC version. The two fans are nearly identical with regards to noise:

Voltage: Sleeve (US) Ball-bearing (EU)
5v 17.1dB 17.4dB
6v 18.2dB 19.0dB
7v 20.6dB 20.9dB
8v 23.5dB 23.4dB
9v 24.5dB 25.2dB
10v 26.2dB 27.5dB
11v 28.9dB 29.2dB
12v 31.2dB 30.9dB


Remote ON/OFF Control: The Power supply shall accept a logic open collector level which will disable /enable all out put voltage (excluding +5V standby).

Temperature range:
Operating 0 degrees C ~ 50 degrees C
Storage -20 degrees C ~ +65 degrees C

Temperature coefficient: 0.01%/ degrees C

Transient response: output voltage recovers in less than 1 ms max following a 25%load change

Hold-up time:
With PFC -
10.0 mS minimum : at 230V / 50 Hz.
None PFC -
17.0 mS minimum : at 115V / 60 Hz.
17.0 mS minimum : at 230V / 50 Hz.

Dielectric withstand: input / output 1800VAC for1 second, input to frame ground 1800VAC for 1 second

Humidity: 5~90% RH

Efficiency: 65% min. 70% typical, at full load

Power good signal: turn-on delay 100ms to 500ms

Over current protection

Over voltage protection: +5V +3.3V +12V

DC Output

Voltage Min. continous Max. continous Max. ripple
+3.3 V 0.3 A 28.0 A 50 mVpp
+5 V 1.0 A 30.0 A 50 mVpp
+12 V 0.2 A 16.0 A 120 mVpp
-5 V 0.0 A 0.3 A 100 mVpp
-12 V 0.0 A 0.8 A 120 mVpp
+5 Vsb 0.0 A 2.0 A 50 mVpp

The combined +3.3v and +5v cannot exceed 220w.

The specs of the PSU are very good for being rated at 350w. The combined output of +3.3v and +5v, which is maybe the most important factor for power supplies, is a healthy 220w. Thats higher than many higher rated power supplies, for example the Enermax EG465AX-VE FCA 460w PSU only has a combined output of 200w..

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