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Interview with Bill McEwen, CEO at Amiga Inc

Author: Vidar Langberget.
Posted : 2006-10-04 11:50:42.0
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7.) Who should developers that are interested in developing
for OS5 contact? When will we see the first SDK?

BM>> We have received several e-mails already from interested developers who want to join the team. There are some new developers who are in the process of joining and once that happens, we will then start to evaluate the process of who else we need to complete the team. The first SDK will be out and available when it is ready.

8.) IMO, the old Amiga Inc failed badly when it came to
developer support, back when they were pushing Amiga DE/Amiga Anywhere to the remaining Amiga developers. The documentation was poor or non-existent, and an NDA was required. Do you intend to be more open and transparent this time around?

BM>> Yes, we are making many changes to the developer program.

9.) Will OS5 be based on any code from OS3 or OS4?

BM>> I would prefer not answering this at this time. As we are ready to release more information it will become a much clearer picture.

10.) Will OS5 have a full-blown Java VM?

BM>> Wait and see. We have some pretty interesting plans with regard to Java.

11.) Will OS5 be a 64-bit OS, i.e. run on 64-bit CPUs, with a
64-bit address space? What about memory protection?

BM>> I would prefer not answering this at this time. As we are ready to release more information it will become a much clearer picture.

12.) Can we expect to use a modern browser on OS5 once it is

BM>> Absolutely. This is a must.

13.) In the Amiga.Org answers, you said that OS5 didn't use Tao
technology, yet you also stated that OS5 would run on multiple CPU
architectures. How do you support different CPU families without the Tao technology? Fat binaries?

BM>> You support them in the method and way that we are going to support them.

14.) You also said that OS5 would span a wide range of devices,
including desktop computers. Technically, the different markets have very different needs. How do you intend to prioritize? Do you have a niche that you'll focus on in the beginning?

BM>> In 1997 when I met Fleecy at the Minneapolis St. Paul airport waiting for a plane to Sioux City Iowa we established the concept and vision of a scalable, embeddable, multi-threaded, memory protected operating system or digital environment that would run from a cell phone to a server. This is what you are going to see us deliver.

15.) Amiga announced a few days ago that they had acquired the
Indian company Ruksun Software Technologies, and renamed it Amiga
Development India. How does this acquisition fit in with your overall strategy? A relatively big part of Ruksun seems to be fairly traditional consultants with Java and .Net experience. Will this part of their activities continue?

BM>> ADI (Amiga Development India) serves three purposes for Amiga. The first is that it establishes a presence and office in one of the fastest growing economies in the world. As Amiga expands our products and offerings we are going to be establishing offices in other locations as well. The second item that ADI offers is a suite of great technologies and products that we acquired as part of the purchase. These products are going to be part of the Amiga portfolio, and more will be learned about these as we bring them to market over the coming months. The third is their continuing
development business which is continuing and is the main focus of that division of our company. They have numerous customers and contracts that they are serving and this is going to continue, and in fact that business is going to grow substantially from what it is today.

16.) How many people are employed in Amiga Development India?

BM>> We currently have 52 employees and 48 are software engineers. We are expanding to add another 60 engineers over the next 12 months.

17.) Will Amiga Development India handle core OS development?

BM>> No, that is not their skill set.

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