Date : 2001-02-27

SINGAPORE - February 27, 2001 - AMD today broke ground for a new $45 million
(S$80 million) semiconductor testing facility and design center in
Singapore. AMD\'s current Singapore facilities operate as a design and
manufacturing test center, handling the final packaging and testing for
every AMD AthlonTM and AMD DuroTM processor manufactured by the company. The
new facility is scheduled to be operational in the second half of 2002.

"The expansion of AMD\'s Singapore operations is an investment in the
facilities and resources which will allow AMD to provide the sophisticated
quality and process control systems needed to meet our customer\'s demand for
high-volumes of AMD Athlon and AMD Duron processors," said Ajay Marathe,
vice president of Microprocessor Operations and Logistics at AMD. "AMD has
developed a significant presence in Singapore since opening its first
facility 17 years ago. With this expansion, AMD is solidifying this long
term relationship with Singapore by putting in place the testing facilities,
engineering workforce, and infrastructure required to expand AMD\'s position
as an industry-leading supplier of innovative, high-performance processors
for PCs, workstations and servers."

Mr. Teo Ming Kian, Chairman of the Singapore\'s Economic Development Board
(EDB) said, "EDB is extremely delighted that AMD has decided to expand its
operations in Singapore. AMD Singapore is a test facility for AMD\'s most
sophisticated devices. Locating this critical function here is therefore a
demonstration of AMD\'s confidence in Singapore, and a strong testament to
the region\'s test design and engineering capabilities. Singapore provides
an optimal environment and conditions for such knowledge intensive and
innovative activities as semiconductor test manufacturing. EDB will continue
to help AMD produce outstanding results, and bring about technological
breakthroughs for the industry."

"AMD\'s Singapore facilities and employees have played a key role in the
incredible success of the AMD Athlon processor," said TS Tan, AMD\'s
Singapore managing director. "The Singapore expansion leverages the
outstanding engineering, technology and infrastructure resources in the
region to help AMD continue to deliver products and services that provide
our customers with a compelling advantage in the marketplace."

AMD\'s Singapore Operations
When completed, the new seven story Singapore test plant and design center
will encompass 345,000 square feet, including a 260,000 square foot
production facility. The new Singapore facility expands on AMD\'s existing
258,000 square foot production facility, and will operate as a test center
for microprocessors, engineering research and development, and integrated
circuit design activities.

Engineers in the Singapore design center are currently assisting with the
development and introduction of AMD\'s next generation "Hammer" family of
processors. AMD\'s Hammer family of processors will be the first AMD
processors capable of 64-bit operation. The innovative design of AMD\'s
Hammer processors is planned to deliver leading-edge performance on both the
64-bit software used by high-end workstations and servers and the 32-bit
software used by the majority of desktop computers.
AMD\'s current Singapore facilities at Bedok Industrial Estate were
established in 1984 as one of AMD\'s primary worldwide testing facilities.
AMD Singapore currently employs 1,700 employees.

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About AMD
AMD is a global supplier of integrated circuits for the personal and
networked computer and communications markets with manufacturing facilities
in the United States, Europe, Japan, and Asia. AMD produces microprocessors,
flash memory devices, and support circuitry for communications and
networking applications. Founded in 1969 and based in Sunnyvale, California,
AMD had revenues of $4.6 billion in 2000. (NYSE: AMD).

AMD, the AMD logo, AMD Athlon, AMD Duron and combinations thereof, are
trademarks of Advanced Micro Devices, Inc. in the United States and other

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