Press release:  MSI(tm) introduces the StarForce 822 Graphics Accelerator Powered by nVIDIA*'s latest GeForce3* GPU

Date : 2001-03-01

MSI(tm) proudly presents the StarForce 822 graphics acceleration card
powered by the newest GPU (graphics processing unit) from nVIDIA*, the
GeForce 3*. The StarForce 822 offers a combination of the latest nFinite FX*
Engine for extremely realistic graphics and Lightspeed Memory Architecture*
technology to provide the power for optimum performance. It offers a range
of the most exciting features available in the 3D graphics technology to
maximize your visual experience.

Featuring the new GeForce3(tm) processor, StarForce 822 provides all the
best technical characteristics including:

* 256-bit Graphics Architecture engine

* 200 MHz Processor speed

* 64-MB DDR SDRAM Memory, the fastest in the
world 460 MHz effective memory cycle

* AGP 4X support

* Delivers 7.4 GB pixels per second

* Delivers 57 Million triangles per second

* Supports Windows® 9X, 2000, Me and NT Operating Systems

Apart from its excellent performance and incredible speed, the StarForce 822
also includes the MSI(tm) 3D TooL software, adding more features to the
already powerful card. The software includes:


MSI provides this unique and customized DVD playback software, ensuring easy
DVD application as well as allowing users to enjoy DVD movie playbacks.

- MSI* 3D! Turbo* 2000

This exclusively designed application ensures optimum performance and
features the following functions:

* Screen

Screen setups such as size, alignment, resolution, frequency, and
colors are easy to adjust. It also supports the entire DDC2B display model
automatically and provides the protection function. This allows all changes
to return back to the default model if there is no modifying confirmation
within 10 seconds.

* Overclocking

The program supports a "control" taskbar for adjustment of memory
frequency, to satisfy the advanced player\'s need for higher memory clock.

* Multi-Desktop

Offers 8 desktop options to let customers organize similar functions
and tasks into groups thus enabling simpler desktop management.

About MSI(tm)
MSI is proud of its almost 15 years experience in designing and
manufacturing high performance motherboards and fully integrated add-on
peripherals like VGA cards. With its ISO 9001 and ISO 14001 qualified
facilities, MSI products provide the ultimate in performance, reliability
and value-increasing productivity. It markets its products through ten
offices located in Taiwan, United States, Germany, Japan, France, China,
Australia and The Netherlands.

MSI markets its products to computer system manufacturers, system
integrators, and distributors.
For more information visit the company on the World Wide Web at

Mystar Computer BV in the Netherlands, the European head office of MSI, was
established in September 1998. Having its own production facility in Son
near Eindhoven, it handles all marketing, sales, logistics and
after-sales-service for its customers throughout Europe.

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