Press release:  Hercules announces 3D Prophet 4500, the top-performance graphics board within every gamer's reach.

Date : 2001-03-10

Montreal, March 9th, 2001 - Hercules today unveiled its brand new 3D Prophet 4500 graphics board, delivering the most breathtaking speed and dazzling image quality, within every gamer\'s reach. Fully committed to consistently offering the best immersive 3D experience to the gaming community, Hercules now introduces the world\'s first top-performance graphics board emphasizing Tile Rendering Architecture, Full Screen Anti-Aliasing, 8-Layer multi-texturing. With this latest member in the 3D Prophet family, Hercules, once again, breaks new ground in the graphics market.

"To this day, most gamers couldn\'t afford the levels of reality and sensations offered by the latest 3D accelerator boards", said Claude Guillemot, President of Hercules Technologies. "Only breakthrough technology, combined with 64MB of fast on-board RAM, has enabled us to offer most gamers the ideal graphics board for texture-intensive and high-speed games which are the future of the gaming industry. 3D Prophet 4500 introduces the future of 3D graphics."

Top performer in 3D games

3D Prophet 4500 Kyro 2 chipset from STMicroelectronics, featuring unique tile-based rendering, introduces the new generation of 3D graphics, of which tile architecture is the keyword. By determining which surfaces are displayed, without creating those that remain hidden, 3D Prophet 4500 calculates and maps textures only onto the visible surfaces. Hidden Surface Removal (HSR) results in an optimized use of memory bandwidth, and a higher fill rate, providing powerful acceleration in texture-intensive 3D games.

Flawless image quality

3D Prophet 4500 Internal True Color" performs texture blending operations in a 32-bit internal tile buffer. This internal texture blending produces a high-quality homogeneous color rendering, which avoids the graphics artifacts appearing in traditional 3D, where textures are overlaid.
3D Prophet 4500 supports up to 8 texture layers, which are blended together in order to obtain more realistic details on backgrounds and surfaces, generating lifelike 3D gaming environments.
3D Prophet 4500 supports full speed FSAA, even in high resolution modes, and performs true environmental bump mapping operations, resulting in highly realistic 3D scenes.
The 2D and video performance of 3D Prophet 4500 is also impressive, enhancing the display of business applications and Internet navigators, and accelerating DVD-Video playback thanks to motion compensation and sub-picture overlay blending.

Price and Availability

3D Prophet 4500 64MB will be available by mid-April, 2001 for $149 (USD).

About Hercules Technologies

Founded in 1982 in the U.S., Hercules developed the industry\'s first high-resolution graphics board for personal computers. From its roots in establishing the monochrome graphics standard, Hercules proceeded to pioneer advances in color graphics solutions. Over the years, Hercules has consistently produced innovative and exciting products including graphics, image and video products, and recently, audio solutions, mostly for the gaming community. In November 1999, Hercules was purchased by Guillemot Corporation.
The Guillemot Corporation group develops, manufactures and distributes PC and console peripherals, providing high-quality products for gamers and music enthusiasts worldwide. The group is also proud to include officially licensed Ferrari, NASCAR, Top Gun and US Air Force products as part of its accessories line designed by Thrustmaster, acquired by the group in July 1999. Guillemot Corporation is listed on the Paris Stock Exchange, Sicovam code 6672, and is currently present in 14 countries, distributing its products in a total of 45 countries.

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