Press release:  ALi Introduces World First DDR/SDR Core Logic Chipset for Notebook and Desktop Computers Supporting

Date : 2001-03-20

SAN JOSE, Calif.--(BUSINESS WIRE)--March 19, 2001-- Acer Laboratories Inc. (ALi), one of the world\'s leading integrated circuit solutions provider, today unveiled the industry\'s first DDR/SDR chipset for notebook and desktop computers supporting present and future IntelŪ PentiumŪ III Processors -- Aladdin Pro 5T.

Aladdin Pro 5T is ALi\'s newest generation chipset targeted for the performance conscious and mainstream users, providing board manufacturers and system designers with a competitive and cost effective solution.

Intended for use with mobile and desktop computers, Aladdin Pro 5T incorporates support for Intel\'s future processors, with the benefits of ALi\'s DDR chipsets, including higher performance and lower power consumption. Featuring an interface with host bus frequency up to 100/133 MHz, an ability to support faster microprocessors, and ALi\'s acclaimed DDR/SDR memory controller, Aladdin Pro 5T provides fast and efficient support for the Intel Pentium II, Pentium III, and future Pentium III processors. In addition to being fast, the Aladdin Pro 5T is equipped to support 4X AGP and 6 PCI master slots. ALi also manufactures a series of highly integrated Southbridge devices, M1535+ (for notebooks) or the M1535D+ (for desktops), that work seamlessly with the Aladdin Pro 5T Northbridge, M1651T.

``Aladdin Pro 5T is the industry\'s next-generation mobile and desktop chipset -- fulfilling the market\'s appetite for a cost effective solution that is both high in performance and low in power consumption,\'\' said Dr. Chin Wu, President of ALi. ``Consumer demand is leading the way and we anticipate Aladdin Pro 5T to be the favorable choice.\'\'

``Value and mainstream notebook users are looking for systems that offer exceptional performance and power-saving capabilities,\'\' said Bob Merritt, Analyst at Semico Research. ``The technology of Aladdin Pro 5T provides customers with the performance, cost and power advantages inherent in ALi\'s DDR offerings.\'\'

Customer samples for Aladdin Pro 5T will be available in April, \'01 and will be in volume production by the end of Q2 \'01.

About ALi

ALi (Acer Laboratories Inc.) is one of the world\'s leading suppliers of integrated circuits for a number of market segments including personal computers, PC peripherals, DVD players and embedded PC systems and appliances. Its product offerings include core logic chip sets, DVD products, and imaging peripherals. ALi was founded in 1987 and is headquartered in Taipei, Taiwan, with its North American/European operations based in San Jose, California. ALi is available on the web http://www.ali.com.tw.

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