Press release:  SiS Takes COMPUTEX Taipei by Storm with New Generation Graphics Chip

Date : 2002-06-03

Taipei, June 3, 2002¡XSilicon Integrated Systems Corporation (SiS), a leading core logic and graphics chip supplier, announced today it is participating in Computex 2002, held at the Taipei World Trade Center from June 3-7. With a huge array of products on display, SiS presents the dazzling results of its latest graphics chip, core logic chipset and information appliance (IA) products, proving that it owns the leadership of new generation.

SiS will demonstrate its leading edge R&D technology with Xabre400, the world¡¦s first 3D graphics chip to support the new-generation graphic display technology AGP8X. Paired with SiS648/963, the first Pentium 4 platform solution to support AGP8X, it is currently the only combination on the market that perfectly performs this technology. SiS will also exhibit various IA application platforms and notebooks that designed by major companies such as ASUS and Mitac that use the integrated chipset SiS650, demonstrating SiS¡¦s achievements in the field of notebook computers.

SiS\'s attention to IC design is at the heart of its extraordinary R&D capabilities, enabling it to consistently lead the industry and launch high-performance products. The SiS648 expertly handles the extremely high memory bandwidth demands of the new-generation Pentium® 4 533MHz FSB, while the 3D graphics chip Xabre400 supporting AGP8X satisfies strong market expectations for faster display technology. Together, they maximize the performance of Intel Pentium® 4 PCs.

SiS not only leads the industry in core logic technology, but also making great inroads in graphics chip and IA arena. SiS550, the SoC product that integrates CPU, northbridge/southbridge chips and GPU, will be exhibited in diverse IA applications, such as Web Phones, Car PCs, Panel PCs and Set-Top Boxes.

SiS has cultivated years of experience and excellent R&D capability in the PC market and continues to introduce the most competitive high-performance products to satisfy the needs of all sectors of the market.

About SiS

SiS was founded in 1987, and located in Hsin Chu Science-based Industrial Park in Northern Taiwan. The company focuses on developing, manufacturing and marketing leading-edge logic products, including core logic, multimedia and connectivity.

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