Press release:  SiS Launches First PCI Express Southbridge--SiS965

Date : 2004-02-25

Taipei, February 25, 2004--Silicon Integrated Systems Corp. (SiS), a leading supplier of core logic chipsets, today announced the launch of its newest south bridge, the SiS965, supporting PCI Express and integrated Gigabit LAN and featuring support for up to 4 SATA ports.

Integrating the latest PCI Express technology, the SiS965 is ready for the technologies of tomorrow that will arrive with PCI Express. The new PCI Express standard is phasing out the standard PCI slots that have been the basis of the PC hardware I/O system for the past decade. With PCI Express, users can expect their PCs to be upgradeable to the next generation of high-performance peripheral devices designed specifically for the higher bandwidth that PCI Express offers, such as Gigabit LAN cards and Capture cards.

Gigabit Ethernet also promises huge potential, with a 10 fold increase in bandwidth over the standard 100Mbps Ethernet commonly in use today. Applications that can benefit today from this technology are in local area networks, where information is being shared across servers between PCs. With the SiS965 solution, Gigabit Ethernet is integrated which provides for both sufficient bandwidth support and a lower lost structure than using an external PCI or PCIE interface structure.

SiS965 also features a robust feature set for todays demanding and varied PC applications, including support for 8 USB 2.0 ports, AC97 7.1 channel sound, 4 SATA (supporting hot plug functionality) and 4 PATA Devices.

"The SiS965 makes the SiS product line even stronger, giving SiS customers the opportunity to have the benefits of PCI Express and integrated Gigabit LAN. Said by Michael Chen, the President and CEO of SiS.

About SiS (Silicon Integrated Systems Corp.)
Silicon Integrated Systems Corporation (SiS) is a globally focused industry leader in the development and manufacturing of core logic, multimedia, communication and information appliances for desktop and notebook PCs and the consumer technology market. Based in Taipei, Taiwan, and listed on the Taiwan Stock Exchange (TSE2363), SiS expertise in chip design is utilized by the top computer hardware and consumer products manufacturers around the world. For more information, please visit www.sis.com

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