Press release:  Major Motherboard Vendors to Use SiS760 Integrated Solution

Date : 2004-03-11

Taipei, March 11, 2004-Silicon Integrated Systems Corp. (SiS), a leading supplier of core logic chipsets today announced that top motherboard vendors ASUSTeK, ASRock, AOpen, ECS, Gigabyte and QDI will begin producing motherboards based on the SiS760 integrated chipset, supporting the AMD Athlon 64 platform. These vendors adopted the SiS760 integrated solution because of its proven performance and reliability, particularly when compared to competing integrated solutions. Motherboards based on the SiS760 platform will be the most competitive in the market in terms of production lead time and cost, as well as offering the most quick and efficient sales and support. Furthermore, as the PC market evolves towards even more high-speed Internet and multimedia applications, the Athlon 64 is quickly becoming the platform of choice for demanding multimedia PC applications.

64bit Driver Support is ready for the SiS760 chipsets for the AMD 64bit processor platform. The 64bit architecture gives users the power to improve performance for many applications, compared to the old 32-bit architecture. This means software and operating systems can process more data and access more memory to make these applications run smoother. The AMD 64bit processor has the largest memory cache of any desktop processor, making it ideal for running complex multimedia programs, 3D gaming and content creation.

One such motherboard is Gigabytes GA-K8S760M, which is designed for todays more demanding digital applications. Supporting the Athlon 64FX processor and based on the SiS760/964 integrated solution, it features all the latest cutting edge features including 10/100 LAN, SATA with RAID 0/1, 8 USB 2.0 ports, and of course SiS proprietary Local frame buffer technology (64MB) for the most powerful integrated graphic solution available for a desktop motherboard.

"With todays computing environment, users require hardware that is designed to handle the latest high-speed networking and multimedia applications." Said Michael Chen, President of SiS. "The SiS760 integrated solution was designed specifically for todays most demanding users"

About the SiS 760
The SiS760 integrates a high performance HyperTransport" interface for the AMD Athlon 64 processor family plus AGP interface, Mirage" Graphic Engine, local frame buffer interface and SiS MuTIOLŪ 1G Technology, for the fastest bus architecture of any desktop PC chipset. The integrated Mirage" Graphic Engine features a 256-bit 3D and 128-bit 2D Graphics engine, a video accelerator, and is supported by SiS Local Frame Buffer Technology (LFB).

About SiS Local Frame Buffer
Local Frame Buffer has been proven to be the most advanced solution for integrated chipsets, as it features a dedicated 32 or 64 MB of VRAM for the integrated graphics core, making it much more powerful than competing integrated graphics chipsets. (See diagram below). In order to process 3D graphics or any visuals on your monitor, any application will use some of your DRAM to process the images on the display monitor. With Local Frame Buffer, the graphics core uses its own dedicated RAM, and uses less of your system RAM, further increasing system performance. To increase performance even more, the SiS engineers have also created a BIOS setting that allows power users to use Dual DDR GPU memory (LFB and System DRAM). This Hybrid mode gives an extra boost of memory for the most demanding 3D applications.

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About SiS (Silicon Integrated Systems Corp.)
Silicon Integrated Systems Corporation (SiS) is a globally focused industry leader in the development and manufacturing of core logic, multimedia, communication and information appliances for desktop and notebook PCs and the consumer technology market. Based in Taipei, Taiwan, and listed on the Taiwan Stock Exchange (TSE2363), SiS expertise in chip design is utilized by the top computer hardware and consumer products manufacturers around the world. For more information, please visit www.sis.com

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