Press release:  Leading GAME DEVELOPERS are blown away by the PERFORMANCE of AMD64 PROCESSORS

Date : 2004-03-24

SAN JOSE, CALIF.-MARCH 2004-At Game Developers Conference, AMD (NYSE: AMD) today announced that gaming heavyweights Crytek, Epic Games, Havok, Jolt, Super Computer International, Valve and Zombie, Inc. have embraced the AMD Opteron*, AMD Athlon* 64 FX, and AMD Athlon 64 processors to create a complete AMD64 gaming pipeline.
"AMD64 processors are allowing some of the gaming industry's most respected players to lead a new dimension of creativity," said Marty Seyer, vice president and general manager of AMD's Microprocessor Business Unit. "From game engines to the hosting environment for multi-player titles all the way to the end-user experience, gamers are pushing the envelope with some of the most compute-intensive processing and AMD is right there with them. In all aspects of gaming, the performance-hungry users who demand the most from their systems are giving AMD64 processors rave reviews."

"Zombie is migrating towards 64-bit tools for game development because it gives us unprecedented power to create dynamic, beautiful worlds and new game play with real-time physics, more interactive objects, more shaders and real-time lights," said John Williamson, president of Zombie, Inc. "AMD64 architecture lets developers
like us build and compile faster, paint in real time on 3D models and tweak in real time. For consumers, 64 bits gives both more memory to load polygons and textures and more power to manipulate them, accessing unprecedented levels of realism, interactivity and detail in their worlds."

Crytek, Epic Games and Valve Software are currently developing their top titles on AMD64 platform-based servers and workstations for maximum processing power and bandwidth, and ultimately enhanced game play.
"We are sure that the CryENGINE will use each and every bit of PC hardware to its maximum capacity, so we see AMD64 gaming as an enormous win for the industry," said Cevat Yerli, president and CEO, Crytek. "It has opened up endless possibilities, offering better performance for dynamic and emergent dimensions of game play. AMD64
is the premier platform for the gaming industry."
"We're really thrilled with the leadership role AMD has taken in introducing 64-bit technology into mainstream computing," said Tim Sweeney, Epic Games. "Our upcoming 64-bit version of Unreal Tournament 2004 is just the first step in our adoption of
the new architecture, and we are already well underway in developing
next-generation tools and technology that do things wholly impossible on 32-bit platforms."
"Valve has created and maintained a 64-bit port of our CounterStrike servers, and the AMD64 version runs much faster for us than the 32-bit version when we do a clock-by-clock comparison," said Gabe Newell, Valve managing director.
"Steampowered.com is running on an AMD64 machine and we have achieved a 35% performance improvement and the ability to host more than we would on a 32-bit system."
In addition, Jolt and Super Computer International, two of the leading game hosting companies, are extensively using AMD Opteron processors to maximize the multiplayer gaming experience. Havok, a top physics middleware, is beginning to develop for AMD64 to enable customers, partners and users to experience more powerful 64-bit
physics capabilities.

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